Hollybrook Latest News


Yet again, Hollybrook would like to extend a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped make our Dressage League a success.


To our hosts – Jane Kennedy and Brennanstown Riding School who made it possible for us to run the competition.

To all the competitors, both from inside and outside the Region, who turned up in such numbers to ride and provided 4 weeks of great, sporting competition Congratulations to all those who were successful and better luck next year to those who weren’t quite so successful!

To the judges, who were all still smiling at the end of their long stints and dealt with all competitors in a pleasant manner.

To the Committee who put in such a huge amount of work and gave so willingly of their time both before and during the 4 weeks the league ran.

To Keith who did an amazing job with the car parking each week.

To the members of the Club all of whom rowed in with their time and help and made the running of the event each week easy to organise and manage. And well done to Ruth who produced a Duty Roster each week which very fairly divided out the tasks between everyone.

To our friends from other Clubs, particularly Sandra who dealt so quietly and efficiently with the scoring and particularly so at the Final where she produced the results in jig time! To Helen Mangan and Helen Taylor (Foxborough) and Rachel Cairns and Barbara Smyth who took on long writing stints on two of the weeks which was a great help to us.

And to God who provided us with the weather which made it so much easier to run each Sunday.

Here’s to next year